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The Complete Sagas of Icelanders

Brad Leithauser in The New York Review of Books, 2001
"Let's assume you deplane in a foreign country, in the dead of night, in the dead of winter, and get into a cab. The driver speaks lightly accented but excellent English. You ask about the weather lately and what follows would do a professional meteorologist proud..."
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Danny Yee in Danny Yee's Book Reviews, 2001
"...if you become seriously interested in the sagas - and I should warn you that they are addictive - then it's hard to go past The Complete Sagas."
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Dr. Carolyne Larrington in The Times Literary Supplement, 34.6: 1998
"At the end of Volume Five the reader leaves an intensely-imagined world, comparable in realistic effect with Hardy or Dickens."
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Dr. Jenny Jochens in Journal of English and Germanic Philology, vol. 12: 1997
"Bringing together for the first time and in a coordinated fashion the entire corpus in a readable and idiomatic English ... this handsome set of five volumes is good news for all interested in the Western tradition."
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Joe Allard in New Comparison, 26: 1997
"The recent publication of The Complete Sagas of Icelanders: Including 49 Tales in co-ordinated English translation is ... an event of profound literary significance."
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Doris Palmer in The Library Association Record
"These volumes should be on the shelves of any library covering the history of Western Europe and, indeed, of America, and any library which covers the writing of folklore."
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Kirsten Wolf in Speculum - A Journal of Medieval Studies, oct: 1998
"Collectively, the sagas of Icelanders provide a window to history and culture that is unique... With these five volumes, the daunting task of translating the sagas of Icelanders has been accomplished most successfully."
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Margaret Clunies Ross in Parergon, 16.2: 1998
"On the whole ... The Complete Sagas of Icelanders is a work of high quality and a major addition to the resources available to the English reader who takes an interest in Old Icelandic literature."
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"The Sagas are the literature not only of the island where they were written, but of the whole Western world of their day ... Even today, they provide the modern reader with fascinating insights; they are stories which reveal an immense variety of human conduct and condition."
Jostein Gaarder
Norwegian writer

"All my literate life I have been looking for more English translations of the Sagas. To have them all, in this superb five-volume edition, is a dream come true."
Ted Hughes
UK Poet Laureate